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August 17, 2019

Trudeau & the Ethics Report - Fact, fiction and future. What is really in the report, what is NOT in the report, what really happened and what this means for the country as we head into an election. Special guest Ishat Reza, political commentator & authority on governance and host of FU_Politics' Matter of Fact series, joins Neil to wade through the muck & mire and help us make it to shore.


ZODCAST: Neil Waytowich, known online as NEIL BEFORE ZOD, is a political citizen-commentator whose use of facts to counter misleading & dishonest (primarily) conservative propaganda on social media made him a target of the powerful right-wing establishment. But if they thought this would shut him up, they didn't know Neil. ZODCAST punctures modern political myth-making, misdirection & outright lying using propagandists' kryptonite - facts! And a sense of humour.