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July 9, 2019
Matter of Fact is a Canadian political podcast hosted by Ishat Reza, a lawyer (don't hold that against her), public governance advisor and ex Canadian civil servant, whose resume falls under tl:dr with degrees from Harvard, McGill & U of T in international relations, Middle Eastern studies and law. Using her powers for good not evil, Ishat employs her knowledge with a passion for translating meaningless political jargon & gobbledygook (often designed to baffle us with bullsh*t) into clear, understandable issues Canadians can understand and connect with.

Together with her sidekick, the mysterious political science professor know only as Professor S (not related to Charles Xavier), Ishat dissects issues with insight, wit and blunt honesty. And every episode includes Media and Political Fails of the Week, and a game of Fact or Fiction. You can participate in the podcast by sending your questions on law, politics, policy and governance to @ishat_reza on Twitter. Please do.


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