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March 6, 2020


Few issues ignite passions, debates, arguments, tempers and violence than Abortion. But the issue runs deeper than "Pro-Choice" or "Pro-Life."

Roze Jardine and Michelle Budiwski (@Butterflymbca)  join host Liana Kerzner (@redlianak) for a discussion about how race, poverty, mental health, and Indigenous rights factor in to the seemingly unending debate on abortion. Though abortion rights are more under fire in the US, where the Supreme Court will once again rule on further restrictions on abortion access, the debate in Canada is far from settled.

Liana Kerzner is a journalist, award-winning TV producer & comedy writer, feminist, Youtube influencer, college lecturer and video game editorialist.

Michelle Budiwski is a social activist, author motivational speaker living in rural Manitoba just outside of Brandon with her husband and four children. Michelle hosts her own real-life, real-talk podcast on FU_Politics,"Keeping It Real."

Producer and playwright Roze Jardine' is a life coach and a youth advocate, who uses the arts as a catalyst to bring to light a variety of social issues for the purpose of dialogue, community engagement and social change.

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