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March 21, 2020


Yes it's scary. Yes people are getting sick. Yes people are dying. Yes businesses are hurting. Yes workers are hurting.

But there's another perspective to our reaction to COVID-19 that we should be looking at too.

Liana Kerzner (@redlianak), Michelle Budiwski (@Butterflymbca) and Rose Jardine talk about the good stuff, people pulling together, helping the elderly, voluntarily quarantining to protect others. We're in the cloud...let's look for a silver lining.

Michelle Budiwski (Budooski) it's a social activist, author motivational speaker living in rural Manitoba just outside of Brandon with her husband and four children.

Producer and playwright Roze Jardine' is a life coach and a youth advocate, who uses the arts as a catalyst to bring to light a variety of social issues for the purpose of dialogue, community engagement and social change.

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